At VanAntwerp Attorneys, LLP, we have built a reputation for effectively representing boards of education, superintendents, and school administrators in education law matters. For over thirty years, we have served as general counsel for two local boards of education. We have also represented other school boards, superintendents, and administrators throughout Kentucky in litigation and administrative proceedings.


Through our vast experience representing school districts, we have learned that education law involves much more than having a working understanding of specialized school laws. School boards, superintendents, and administrators need guidance on issues including personnel decisions, employee rights, student rights, school funding and budgeting, and the acquisition, construction, and maintenance of school facilities. Our attorneys understand state and federal laws that directly impact curriculum and the educational process. We also represent school districts in litigation and administrative proceedings. We have successfully defended school districts in federal court actions alleging federal civil rights violations. We have prosecuted construction claims on behalf of our clients. We have successfully defended special education decisions and personnel actions taken by school personnel in due process hearings and other administrative proceedings. Our attorneys have also represented school personnel in administrative investigations before the Kentucky Commission of Human Rights and the Federal Office of Civil Rights.

Our firm also serves as panel counsel for the primary insurance carrier that insures school districts across Kentucky. As panel counsel, we defend school districts and their employees against a variety of claims brought in courts throughout Kentucky, including personal injury, discrimination, and claims relating to the provision of special education services to students.


Our firm comprises a team of attorneys who understand school law and related legal issues that are involved in representing school districts. We are well-equipped to address any situation that a school district might encounter, whether through legal advice or active representation in litigation. Contact us by email or call toll-free at 606-329-2929.