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The business value of conflict management over avoidance

There are those who argue that relationships between employers and employees today are more like marriages than the cash-for-labor construct that has dominated the labor market since the start of the industrial age. Indeed, some economists suggest that in the past 20 years, employer benefits have emphasized supporting employee emotional needs over wages.

3 tips for maintaining an effective employee handbook

Every employee handbook has room for improvement and keeping your company's up-to-date is imperative. Failure to update your policies regularly could easily put you in violation of labor laws and your business in hot water. Your staff may also suffer if you are not clear about the expectations and policies that are in place.

Are your supervisors trained to spot employment law issues?

With such a wide variety of potential employment law issues, it can be tempting simply to advise supervisors to notify human resources whenever one arises. That may be a smart policy, as HR professionals generally have a broad understanding of how labor and employment issues are regulated. However, a misstatement or misunderstanding by a supervisor could result in unnecessary liability for your company.

Walmart sues to stop former executive from taking job at Amazon

Many organizations require some or all of their employees to sign noncompete or nondisclosure agreements as a condition of employment. How are such agreements enforced? Often, the injured organization goes to court in pursuit of an injunction barring the offending employee from breaching the agreement.

What the Supreme Court’s arbitration ruling means for employers

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that is one of the most important in recent history for employers and workers. The court heard three consolidated cases regarding employee contracts and mandated individual arbitration for wage and hour disputes. It ruled 5 to 4 that employees may not collectively arbitrate labor issues if they have signed contracts that mandate individual arbitration.

Are you protecting your summer interns from sexual harassment?

If your company hires summer workers, it is important to realize that their lack of experience and low position in the company hierarchy may make them especially vulnerable to discrimination and harassment. Interns and students may also be treated less formally than other employees, which may encourage some people to feel they are fair game for romantic relationships and casual friendships.

EEOC backlog could encourage settlement in discrimination cases

It can be frustrating to settle a discrimination complaint. Most business owners would prefer to be vindicated. There are many good business reasons for settlement, however, such as limiting the lost time, cost and disruption a lawsuit can involve.

Options for employers when employees discuss wages and salary

No matter how much your try and circumvent it, employees discuss earnings with one another. The repercussions of these discussions ripple through departments. Wage discussions cause unrest and dissatisfaction throughout an organization. Understanding the protections covered by National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) prevents inadvertent employer violation.

Can social media posts violate non-solicitation agreements?

When an employee leaves your company, it's quite possible that they will already be connected with their former coworkers and even your clients on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. They may even announce their job change on those social networks. Could that violate the customer and employee non-solicitation agreements they have with you?

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