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Overcoming co-parenting misconceptions

Eighty percent of court-ordered child custody cases see mothers awarded full physical custody of their children

While it seems to be a safe assumption that the statistic is outdated, the percentage reflects the current year. A vast majority of decisions see children in mom’s household for stability while dad is left with the standard one night a week and every other weekend.

Can technology improve the co-parenting relationship?

Modern-day technology has created innovation beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Some see the internet, social media and the smartphones that house the apps making life more intrusive. Others see it as making life better, if not a little more convenient. The chance to stay in touch with friends and family through multiple forms of communication has never been easier.

Co-parenting in the age of texting and Twitter is as challenging as a time well before the introduction of dial-up America Online and suitcase-sized cell phones. However, it does afford divorced parents opportunities to not only stay in touch with their children, but also provide much-needed stability.

Skip parts, or all, of probate by following these steps

Probate has a terrible reputation, and this is because it can a time-consuming and stressful process for the beneficiaries of an estate. Ultimately, though, probate is just the legal process of executing and finalizing an estate in court. It is simply procedural. There is no inherent bias that makes it "bad." Nevertheless, most people do everything they can to organize their estate in a way that skips or avoids probate. There are some tremendous advantages to doing this.

But what kinds of steps can you take to avoid probate? And how should you organize some of your assets and property to optimize your estate and to help out your beneficiaries? Let us count the ways:

What is the definition of parentage?

The paradigm shift that resulted from the U.S. Supreme Court granting same-sex couples the right to marry is forcing many states to fill in their own legal blanks. While the Obergefell vs. Hodges ruling two years ago settled a larger issue, smaller matters remain open to interpretation while opening the floodgates of litigation.

States were left to find a way to interpret their laws in a gender-neutral way when it comes to marriage, divorce, child custody, taxes and property ownership. A case before the Arizona Supreme Court is one of many throughout the nation that is starting the discussions sprinkled with a few debates.

Getting your business off on the wrong foot

Choosing the right structure for your business at the very beginning may be the most important decision you will make.

At VanAntwerp Attorneys, we assist business start-ups in making the choice that leads to success, not frustration.

The personal and legal challenges blended families face

Getting life back on track for divorced parents is often challenging. Equally complicated, if not extremely stressful, is a remarriage involving a new spouse who also has children from a previous relationship.

While happily portrayed in television series and movies, life for blended families rarely is an experience akin to The Brady Bunch. In fact, a more accurate depiction may be, "The Parent Trap."

If marriage equals love, does divorce have to equal hate?

Is it possible to be too friendly to be considered a "real" divorced couple?

Parents and children view divorce in remarkably different ways. For many kids, the end of a marriage means that once-united parents will be forever bitterly divided. That perception likely comes from their friends who have dealt with similar, life-changing events. Whether in school or at play, they witness firsthand their peers trapped in the middle of heated disputes and stressed over one household becoming two.

Avoiding pitfalls through effective co-parenting

Parenting during a marriage presents significant challenges. The happiest of married couples can often disagree over the approach to raising children. Others decide to split up their roles, playing to their respective strengths.

However, when parents divorce and no longer reside under one roof, greater hurdles exist. Personal issues, if not outright animosity can serve as barriers to productive co-parenting. Children also face the temptation of playing one parent against the other.

Keeping up with social media and the policies related to its use

A generation of workers is entering the workforce without the slightest notion of what life was like before the internet. The subsequent advent of social media saw older people struggling to keep up while s younger generation quickly adapted to what they saw as a logical next step.

Employers as well find themselves surrounded by the ever-changing digital landscape. Texting, tweeting and Facebook posting have become as common as face-to-face interactions. With the ever-changing nature of social media, companies struggle to keep up by continually updating related policies, some as old as MySpace.

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