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Keeping up with social media and the policies related to its use

A generation of workers is entering the workforce without the slightest notion of what life was like before the internet. The subsequent advent of social media saw older people struggling to keep up while s younger generation quickly adapted to what they saw as a logical next step.

Employers as well find themselves surrounded by the ever-changing digital landscape. Texting, tweeting and Facebook posting have become as common as face-to-face interactions. With the ever-changing nature of social media, companies struggle to keep up by continually updating related policies, some as old as MySpace.

The debate over paid versus unpaid family medical leave

Once considered a harmless term, “entitlement” has become a weaponized word.

A paid family leave proposal as part of the 2018 federal budget is moving through the halls of Congress. As expected, the “e-word” is being bandied about, as if it needed more connotations that are negative.

The fine line between disrespect and harassment in the workplace

Harassment is about "what," not necessarily "who." It encompasses unlawful acts by an employer because of certain factors spelled out in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Those include race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, military status and sexual orientation, in some states and federal circuits.

This unwelcome and pervasive conduct can be verbal, nonverbal, physical or written. The most common form involves quid pro quo, specifically a manager equating an employee's job security with sexual activity. Once overlooked as "boys will be boys," the consequences today are severe, resulting in a supervisor's termination, not to mention a lawsuit against a company.

Divorce and debt: Who pays?

Debt can feel like a drag and divorce can really sting. What happens when the two combine forces of pain? According to NerdWallet, the average American household owes approximately $135,000 in debt on average. Assets are divided through divorce, and, unfortunately, so is the debt. Who pays the debt and how do you protect yourself if the debt is declared to be the responsibility of your ex?

The answer can depend on who owes the debt and what kind of debt is owed. Like the full range of credit scores, your financial and marital situation will make your divorce unique. No two divorces are alike, so it is important to seek the help of a family law attorney early in the process. Estranged spouses can make verbal commitments to your finances, but all that could change as the divorce progresses.

What to expect when OSHA is inspecting: Part One

Occupational Safety and Health Act inspections occur upon request or they can be unrequested. Regardless of the circumstances, employers need to know what to expect when OSHA representatives show up at their facility. Some are trained on safety hazards while others – industrial hygienists – focus on health hazards. Certain compliance officers handle both areas.

Inspections begin with a walkaround. Before it starts, the OSHA inspector may inquire about any unique dangers they may face during the conference. Employers must be ready to provide personal protective equipment, even if the inspectors end up bringing their own.

What to expect when OSHA is inspecting: Part Two

No one workplace is the same, particularly when it involves safety violations cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). However, compliance officers do find commonalities when it comes to job site dangers.

The 2016 OSHA workplace violations list comes from 32,000 inspections by federal OSHA staff. On-site reviews reveal thousands of the same hazards every year, which have annually killed 4,500 and injured three million workers.

Determining custody during summer vacations

Summer represents a departure from the daily routine. Yet, for divorced couples, the three months of sun can be anything but fun. Battles over the three-month break can become as heated as the temperature outdoors.

Child custody over the summer does not have to be a point of contention. By taking common sense, cooperative steps, co-parents can hopefully minimize disputes and enjoy equal amounts of quality time with their children not burdened by busy school schedules.

The challenges businesses face in a changing national landscape

While helpful in promoting goods and services, social media has also been the bane of many a business, especially when customers and ex-staff members leave negative reviews on a Facebook page or Twitter feed.

However, maintaining an online presence can also provide employers a window into their employees’ lives, if not their character when it comes to being honest and forthright.

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