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The mutual benefits of summer internships

With summer approaching, colleges are closing out their academic years. For a few months, students have much needed time off. While fun in the sun is tempting for many, some are looking to their future career prospects.

Unpaid internships were never meant to line the pockets of college students. However, hands-on exposure and experience does provide real work experience and potentially a network of contacts for future employment prospects.

How to minimize the impact of a workers’ comp claim

As a business owner, you have a lot to manage on a day-to-day basis. At some point, you will probably have an employee injury and a claim brought against your company. If you are facing a workers’ comp claim, you need to make some important considerations about the impact this could have. Here are 3 tips for reducing the effect on your business:

A "Prince-ly" estate without a plan

Depending on who you ask, the estate of Minnesota music icon Prince is currently either in limbo or pure chaos. The continuing disputes are becoming an ongoing lesson on the importance of proactive legal steps to protect your assets.

Step number one: Have an estate plan in place before it's too late.

The end of death tax inevitability?

With new healthcare laws recently passed, the administration of President Donald Trump is moving on to their next agenda item. Tax reform is next on the to-do list. Checking off that box could lead to the largest reform since 1986.

While income tax reductions and simplification is an attractive head-turner for the average citizen, estate taxes, also known as death taxes, are a far more complex issue. Imposing levies post-grave can fall into two different categories.

Are Kentucky businesses experiencing a strengthening economy?

Kentucky's preliminary unemployment rate remains at five percent, a slight reduction from last year's figure. The preliminary number for March 2017 came in at 0.1 percentage points lower than this time last year.

Compared to the U.S. rate of 4.5 percent (according to the Department of Labor) unemployment rates both statewide and nationally may be an indication of a strengthening economy for Kentucky-based businesses.

How to choose an executor for your will

Choosing the executor of your will is a major decision. Your executor will be charged with the immense and often complicated task of managing your assets when you are gone. It is important to choose someone who is both up to the challenge and supportive of your best interests.

What are your options?

Keeping customers both safe and satisfied

As Uber and Lyft have become common fixtures in the ride-hailing industry, regulations governing these types of businesses have struggled to keep pace. In addition, high-profile news stories of drivers accused of kidnapping, rape and murder have created serious image problems that impact both reputations and revenues.

Last year, Massachusetts passed what many consider the most stringent rules governing Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing companies. Gov. Charlie Baker claimed that the new law has established a national standard in speeding up the background check process for prospective drivers.

Disney's uniform problem

Apparently, the magic that Disney is known for transcends their amusement parks. Employees of the famed company found money not so magically disappearing via deductions in their paychecks.

The Department of Labor conducted an investigation that revealed two Florida-based Disney subsidiaries violated the minimum wage, overtime pay and record-keeping provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Part of the DOL's examination uncovered that Disney paid less than minimum wage after payroll deductions for costume costs without permission from their employees.

The impact of relevant and irrelevant online business reviews

In a post-game press conference, Kentucky coach John Calipari took his own shot at the officiating crew for their shortcomings. Radio announcers singled out referee John Higgins for "dominating the whistle."

For Higgins, taking the brunt of that ire was only the beginning. Wildcat fans discovered his main vocation and directed their anger at him and his roof installation company. In classic trolling mode, the took to his Facebook page, comparing his refereeing integrity with the integrity of the roofs he installs. They also claimed that he needed to be a referee because of his failing business that they nicknamed, The Rooferees.

While some came to Higgins' defense, the damage was already done. When all the stages of grief were covered, he was left with a 1.7 star rating on his company page. A vast majority left one-star reviews while a small minority gave the business five stars. After approximately the 700th single star, Higgins took the page down.

While coverage has taken a light-hearted approach to this, online reviews can cause irreparable damage with or without a bright media spotlight. Regardless of their legitimacy, prospective customers often get their first impressions from social media.

Serious reviews related directly to the business should be taken seriously. Responding to criticism in a respectful manner while identifying common threads and possible shortcomings can go a long way to repair the damage done to your company's reputation.

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